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Affiliate Marketing Rocks.   It truly does.  Our website was built with a purpose.  To help aspiring and successful affiliate marketers build substantial, long term affiliate businesses online.

Over the past 10 years, affiliate marketing has become one of the most lucrative opportunities on the Internet.  With over 550 Million products & services that you can promote as an affiliate marketing, the opportunity only continues to grow with each and every day that passes.

There are a lot of things that can benefit you in the affiliate marketing space and save you lots of time, money and lead to more success. There are also things that you should watch out for, that will take your money, time and steal your success (the BADDDD companies of the industry).

Our goal is to help steer you in the right direction, to save you money and to help you bootstrap your business as efficient as possible.  If it can be done for FREE, we are all for it.   If services are available that can save you $1,000’s over other services online, we will let you know.

If at any time, you have any questions at all relating to affiliate marketing, we have a team on hand at all times.  We will get back to you within 24 hours of you asking your questions.  We promise.

So here’s to your Affiliate Marketing success and hopefully your relationship with the AffiliateMarketingRocks.org team going forward.

The Team @ AffiliateMarketingRocks.org

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  1. Hello, i am like the 79 year old person, I am 70 and don’t want to be done again! So i really am looking for a genuine and honest business to start! I do however have a question – who is Ivan? He says call him Broz! But his site is the same as yours, which led me to reviews and led me to you. Now i am confused, i see lots of different articles on there, it’s enough to addle your brain. Can you clarify who this other fellow is, as i almost signed up with him. I take it too that in 2021 you are going strong.

    • Ivan is one of the many members within the Wealthy Affiliate community. There are lots of members of Wealthy Affiliate that offer independent reviews and insights into their experiences online, that is quite normal for ALL users of any product/service online.

      If you do have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate itself, I would be more than happy to help you out. I would also recommend that if you have not already, that you get yourself a test drive Starter account.

  2. I have been reading and have thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and comparison of WA and other online affiliate marketing systems out there. For me it boils down to the proverbial question:
    who will not exchange a raven for a dove? I can see my way clearer now due to your various levels of clarifications online about WA and other platforms. But because I have been burned a number of times by those unscrupulous online platforms out there that I have wasted my time and money without achieving anything. I want all that to stop here and let me chart a new course with the verified help of WA and its Affiliates like you. Now please clear this last hurdle and watch me come on board.
    At 79 years of age is there any basis to believe I can succeed in the affiliate marketing business from your WA experience with all my readiness and determination to succeed?

    • Completely understand, and that is why we recommend everyone join first through the Starter membership. This way you can try before you invest a cent into anything…if you don’t like what you see, leave. Nothing lost.

      The reality is that there isn’t another program in the industry that offers a freemium look at their platform, and that is why people get ripped off. If 99.9% of what is out there let people try their product before investing, they wouldn’t ever spend it. Wealthy Affiliate is in a league of their own and are truly putting their best foot forward at all times, with the Starter membership, with their ongoing support and care, and you will immediately see this within the community.

      You can create a completely free Starter account (which includes a lot of access), right on their homepage:


      We hope this clarifies for you.

  3. Hi there! What website building platform does your organisation teach new members to use to make their websites? WordPress? I hear that some aren’t as flexible for business growth or changes as others. And do we have to be paying members to own these websites we create, the automated emails and landing pages/mini-sites (if these apply)? For example, once a member always have to stay a member to keep all the above stated running?

    • Wealthy Affiliate has their own internal website platform, but it is built on WordPress. When building webistes these days, you want to use a platform that is scalable, stable and flexible. WordPress is this platform, and because it is open source, it has the largest subset of plugins (feature extensions) as well as themes (templates) that you can utilize.

      Wealthy Affiliate has built many layers of additional website technology on top of this to help your website with rankings in Google, with engagement and feedback, monitoring your overall site health, security and speed. Not to mention that you have access the Premium level Managed WordPress Hosting within Wealthy Affiliate.

      Like any host, you can move your website if you were to ever leave Wealthy Affiliate and host it elsewhere. So that should not be a concern, once you own a website you can move it wherever you like. Equivalent hosting to that offered within Wealthy Affiliate is $250 per month (WP engine, etc), but this is all included within the Premium level membership for $49 per month (as well as everything else).

    • Absolutely, by lesson 4 of the core training (that you will be walked through as soon as you join), you are going to have your very own niche website. There is not a plethora of easy to understand training in place with actionable tasks, there is a great deal of expert help every step of the way. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a community and if you ever have any questions as you do move forward within the training, you just need to ask for help!

  4. I’d love to be involved with Affiliate Marketing, however my current living status won’t allow it. For one, I just turned 72 this past February, and to keep this short, I make a small amount on SSI, and my rent is roughly $200.00 a month.
    If I would got involved with the program and start to make any kind of decent money, my rent would be adjusted 3 fold or more immediately, of which I cannot afford.
    I would like to learn about the marketing system you have in place and kind of get an idea about a website, traffic and so on. The building I reside in has 136 apartments in it and everyone in here is covered by HUD rules, so you can see how delicate that can be. Thank You.

    • If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, we highly recommend that you check out Wealthy Affiliate. At the very least, you will want to create a free Starter membership. There is no credit card required, no obligation, and by lesson for alone (within the first few days) you will have your very own niche website up and running online.

        • We do not promote Wealthy Affiliate through the affiliate program (ie, referrals), it is the main recommendation on our site though and for good reason as it is by far the best platform in the industry. It is the only company that we are aware of that offers a try before you buy experience.

  5. Great website guys. I have gone lots of nuggets of information on affiliate marketing simply by looking at your few posts that you have published.

    I do have a question for you though. It sounds like you guys like to bootstrap your affiliate marketing business and help others do the same. I noticed that a lot of affiliate marketing companies are charging thousands of dollars for their programs these days. Am I going to have a competitive edge if I spend this type of money on programs?

    • No, in fact you are going to be out lots of money. You can build a business online very efficiently these days and any program charging $1,000’s for their programs are in the business of making money, not helping people. They are in it for themselves and their affiliates and you will tend to see this sort of price point within some of the MLM schemes that “pretend” they are in the affiliate marketing industry. They are not.

      We recommend that you get rolling with the Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership. It is completely free, training is included, websites and hosting are included, support is included. Within the first 10 lessons alone you are going to get your business up and running and to a point where you have a foundation for a successful business in place. And once again, this is FREE.

    • I just signed up and the video button does not work. Any help would be greatly apprciated. Thanks. My name is Deborah Dent. My username is ddent.

      • Hi Deborah,

        What you will want to do is make sure your wifi connection is working well, sometimes if there is a blip in your service it can cause a video not to load. Secondary to that you will want to make sure you are using either Google Chrome or Safari as your web browser. These are ideal for playing online videos. We hope you can get this sorted here.


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