Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? My 2023 Review.

Company: Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliater
Website URL:
Owners: Kyle Loudoun, Carson Lim
Cost: Starter (Free), Premium ($49/mth), Premium Plus+ ($99/mth) – Plus discounts on yearly
Training:  9/10, 5+ Expert Classes Weekly, 1,000’s of Training Modules 
Websites/Hosting Included: Yes
Free Domain Include: Yes
Research Tools Included: Yes
AI Tools Included: Yes
Who It’s For: Beginner to Expert
Our Overall Rating: 9.8/10
Trust Pilot Rating: 4.9 out of 5 Stars

If you are reading this, chances are you have already heard about Wealthy Affiliate and you are seeking out more “information” on it before you make a decision. Because of this, I am going to try to help you understand first, what Wealthy Affiliate is, and also outline how and why it could benefit you.

First off though, let’s explain what Wealthy Affiliate is and who this type of service is for?

Wealthy Affiliate, THE Place for Internet Entrepreneurs

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform dedicated to affiliate marketers and helping internet entrepreneurs create successful businesses online through training, having access to the tools and services and they need, as well as timely support from industry experts.

If you have struggled to build a business online, have been ripped off or feel that you don’t have the “full picture”, Wealthy Affiliate is going to clear things up. You are going to learn how you can literally take ANY idea/passion/niche and build a very successful business online. No experience necessary. No technical skills.

We are living in a world where it is true that if you have an internet connection and a device to connect to the internet, you can build a business online.

Here is a diagram outlining the process that will be taught to you in detail within Wealthy Affiliate.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

This is a process that has worked since the early 2000s to build wildly successful businesses online and the fundamental principles behind this business model will work for MANY years to come. In fact, FOREVER!

I am going to explain the different aspects of this 4-step process in more detail just so you have a better idea as to what you will be doing, but if you want even more information about Wealthy Affiliate or this process you can get these details directly on their website.

Step 1: Choose Niche (Your Passion)

The first thing you need to do when building a business online is decided what type of business that you want. This is also called a niche. This can be anything but the most natural way to choose a niche would be to choose something that you are interested in or a hobby of yours.

For example, if I was as dog lover, I would probably make my niche something related to dogs. There is a niche finder platform that is going to be available to you immediately when you join Wealthy Affiliate, that will help you decide on your “direction” of your business. Here is an example of what you get if I typed in something like “dog training”.

Dog Training Search

You can see there are many different facets of this niche, all of which can be very successful businesses.

If I loved everything about remote control drones, then I could make my niche about drones. If I loved make-up, that could be a niche that I head into. If I like knitting, that can be my niche.

You can also build a business in niches that you may not have any knowledge of or that is not a passion of yours, completely up to you. There are truly millions of different directions that you can head with your business! 

For this example, let’s say I head into the “drone” niche. That would be the basis of my business and it is what my website would be focused on.

**Wealthy Affiliate PROVIDES training on how to find a niche, and they offer personal support helping you select your niche and give you tools and techniques to come up with your own niche ideas.  Unlike other programs where you have to promote what they tell you, the training at Wealthy Affiliate encourages you and helps you choose a direction for your business that you will enjoy, have fun with, and ultimately succeed with!

Step 2: Build Website. (Your Foundation)

The next step after you have decided on your niche, would be building out your website. Your website is your business foundation.

Like a house, without a foundation the structure is weak and not sustainable. The same goes with an online/affiliate business. All of your content, all of your traffic, all of your rankings, all of your revenue is generated as a result of your website.

In this case, I would be building a website about drones. My goal will be to help people, inform people, recommend products/services to people, and offer my opinions on various aspects of this niche.

And no, you don’t need to be an expert or authority. As you build out your website and as you immerse yourself in your business, you become an expert.

Elon Musk wasn’t always the “electric car” expert, he became that through effort. Same as I will become a “drone expert” if I want, simply by putting forth the effort to build myself out within this niche.

**Wealthy Affiliate PROVIDES FREE Starter members ONE WordPress Website. As a Premium Plus+ member, you can host up to 10 Websites on your own domains.   You also get up to 2 free domains when you upgrade. 

Step 3: Get Traffic. (Your Audience)

There is only ONE way to build a business. Traffic. In other words, people that buy stuff from you or take a desired action that will lead to revenue. This is the case for any type of business, offline or online.

Think of setting up a hot dog stand in the middle of the desert where there are no people, you are not going to sell many hot dogs. If you set it outside of a nightclub after it closes when all of the patrons are HUNGRY or at a fair around lunchtime, you are going to sell lots of hot dogs.

Same logic for selling anything online. If you don’t have website visitors, you don’t have anyone to sell anything to.

Search engines and social networks are the biggest driving forces behind traffic online and if you understand how to get ranked in Google, Bing & Yahoo…and understand how to leverage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, and Instagram to drive traffic to your website, there is no limit to your potential.

**Wealthy Affiliate TEACHES traffic. They know the best strategies and techniques to get your website ranked and do it in abundance!  You are going to get new training each and every week offering you new traffic strategies that you can use with your business. 

Step 4: Make Money. (Your Profits)

Last but not least, how the heck do you make money. You have a niche, a website, and traffic, but you have nothing to sell to these people right?

Well, actually you do. There are over 550,000,000 (yes, 550 MILLION) products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer online. This means you don’t have to carry any inventory for any of these products/services. You simply link to companies through your special affiliate links, and exchange and they give you a cut (%) of every sale that you make.

This can range from pennies to $1,000’s of dollars for every sale.

As an example, in the drone niche there are 1,000’s of different products/services/guides/etc that I can promote and generate revenue from.

On Amazon, there are 50,100 products related to drones that I can promote. I will earn 6% commissions on any of those products that I refer people to.

Drone Affiliate Program

Your commissions on these drones will range from $6 for a lower end drone ($100) to $2,400 in commission for a high end drone (that costs $40,000).

And this is just ONE of the many ways you can generate revenue from your website once you have traffic. You can make money through advertising, building an email list, selling your own products/services, or reselling your website traffic to others.

There is an Affiliate Programs platform (that you have access to as a Starter, Premium & Premium Plus+ member) within Wealthy Affiliate that you can use to search for affiliate programs across any niche.  Here is an example search that I just did.

Golf - Affiliate Programs Search

You can a sample search, we just took a quick snippet but there were over 30 affiliate programs and millions of products I can promote in the “golf” industry alone as an affiliate marketer.  This tool literally will save you hours of time every week, as you can research, rank, follow and find affiliate programs across any industry/category with efficiency.

**Wealthy Affiliate not only has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online, you are going to be able to interact and work with some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world. There is beginner to advanced training on how to find affiliate programs and how to effectively convert visitors into “sales” on your website. It will only be a matter of time before you become an expert affiliate marketers yourself.

Alright, let’s get into the 10 reasons why you should consider Wealthy Affiliate whether you are looking to START a business online, or looking to expand your skill set and expertise and GROW your business online.

Reason #1: The Most Cost Efficient Way to Build a Business

The Premium membership price at Wealthy Affiliate is by far the highest value, most cost efficient way to create and grow an online business these days.   Everything you need to create a business is under one roof, and is completely included in your Premium membership.  There are companies charging $1,000’s for a fraction of the services that Wealthy Affiliate provides.

$49 per month or $497 per year. That works out to just over $1 per day for completely access to the platform, support, website, tools, community, and expertise.  When you compare this to ONE course in university on internet marketing which is $2,500 (yes, ONE course), you can appreciate just how great the value is at WA.  In fact, you could be a member at WA for 5 years for the same price! The Premium membership also includes a free .com domain name when you join, so there are going to be no other expenses in your business once you upgrade. 

Premium Plus+, which offers additional high value items within it included daily expert classes, Jaaxy Enterprise, a higher tier hosting platform, and 2 free domains is only $99/mth, or $697 per year.   It tends to be the most popular, but you can choose from either when you are ready to advance your business and get your own brand rolling online. 

The price is all-inclusive and includes everything you need to create, grow and scale your businesses to any level online.  

Reason #2: 24/7/365 Support.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate is full of experts, and incubates NEW experts with the “pay it forward” knowledge model.

If you ever have ANY issues with your websites or hosting, you have direct access to the server admins (the technical gurus) who will immediately help you sort out your problems, regardless of whether it is lunchtime, or 2 in the morning…or your location in the world.

In fact, Wealthy Affiliate is a growing community of over 2.7+ million members. That is a big number. Think of 45 full football stadiums and this will give you a good grasp of the type of community you are dealing with.

There is a live chat directly within your back office dashboard that you can communicate within at any time.  Experts and million dollar marketers are always looming within Wealthy Affiliate and you can expect help within seconds through the live chat platform.

Outside of these mediums for support, you can leverage the “Question” platform which allows you to ask the community of 2.7+ Million community members for help, and you will get a wide range of answers and insight when you use this.  It is a brilliant platform for getting help on any topic related to your business.

Reason #3: Direct access to founders/CEO.

That is right. Not only do you have access to the most interactive and helpful community on the planet for Internet Entrepreneurs, you are going to be able to communicate and get help directly from the founders Kyle & Carson. They are active within the community every day and will be there to offer you help.

Kyle and Carson

There is nowhere else in the world that you can get this red carpet treatment, but it is something that has been part of the WA platform since day 1. Not a day goes by that you won’t be seeing Kyle or Carson interacting with comment threads, posting blogs, within the live chat, or helping people directly with their campaigns & businesses.

They have lots of experience and expertise, and appear to always be willing to share it in a selfless manner.

Reason #4: Current & Evolving Training. A Website Platform.

Every day, there is new training being added to Wealthy Affiliate. Every DAY, there are new training updates. The training is always been kept current within Wealthy Affiliate and covers a wide breadth of topics relating to building a business online.

Each and every week you can anticipated and expect new training, as well as updates to existing training.

Here are just some of the topics that are covered at Wealthy Affiliate that you can educate yourself on (and that you can get expert support with).

  • Website Development
  • WordPress (everything)
  • Traffic and Conversions
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email Marketing / Funnel Building
  • PPC (Pay Per Click Marketing)
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Image / Brand Management
  • Domain / Website Flipping
  • Content Marketing
  • Outsourcing & Freelancing
  • E-commerce / Shopify
  • …and much more

If you are looking to learn ANY topic related to building a business online, from the fundamentals of WordPress to Scaling an already successful business, you are going to feel at home at WA.

This level of “current” training cannot be found elsewhere, and we have reviewed all of the competitors in the industry.  The training within Wealthy Affiliate is de-facto the most current, and most progressive. It will keep you ahead of the competition. 

Reason #5: State of the Art Hosting.

To operate a successful website and online business, you need services you can rely on. The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is the  fastest and most cost efficient in the WordPress industry, with enough power with the Premium side service to drive several multi-million dollar businesses from one account.

Here is a breakdown of the hosting offered within WA, compared to other “top tier” Managed WordPress hosting companies in the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

When you can rely on the stability, speed and performance of your hosting company, you can focus on other things that will help you grow your business. You can absolutely RELY on the speed, security and quality of the WA hosting.

Speed is becoming one of the MAIN ranking factors for search engines in particular with Google’s latest focus on “web vitals”.  Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting platform the fastest hosting and loading websites in the industry, with a 100/100 rating in Google SiteSpeed with every new website build.

This alone will give you an advantage in the Search Engine Optimization world, and you will be able to outrank your competition.

Hosting is completely included in your membership at WA within the Premium membership.  You can host up to 10 of your own domains within Premium, and within Starter you can host up to ONE free website.

Reason #6: Everything you need, in ONE place (for one price)

Wealthy Affiliate is unique in that you can get all the training, tools, services and support you need under “one roof” to create and grow a business online. Often times you will find yourself buying a product or service online only to get PART of what you need.

That is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate. From start to finish and everything in between, you are well-equipped to build a business online. You are not just getting the tools you need, you are getting the tool belt, and teacher, and 24/7 access to this all-inclusive environment.

Reason #7: Weekly, EXPERT Live Classes

Get back to class! This is something we never liked to hear in high school, but when it comes to building a business online, it is always nice to have current, live and interactive training you can take part in. Every Friday there is a live class that you can take part in as a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.  As a Premium Plus+ member, you get 5-6 expert classes every week!

There are 10 focused categories of expert classes that you can use to advance your skill sets, and use to advance your success and your business (see below). 

Expert Classes

These classes are run by the top experts within the WA community, people that are currently running highly successful online businesses. There is a live chat and a full question and answer period with every live class. Each live class is usually around an hour in length and the replays will be available to you the next day (along with 750+ hours of past live classes).

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, Wealthy Affiliate is going to help you do that.  These live expert classes will really advance your knowledge to an EXPERT level.

Reason #8: Success is EVERYWHERE.

Want social proof of success? All you need to do is have a look around the community. Success is happening everywhere and there are new stories every day, from people making their first sale online, to people having their first $1,000 day…to quitting their day jobs, to selling websites for $30,000+.   Here is just a small sample of success stories that you will see, there are 1,000’s like this and you will see new ones posted daily.

Success at Wealthy Affiliate

The fact of the matter is, if you put forth the effort and apply what is taught to you in the training (and follow the 4 steps to success methodology), you are going to come out on top. Sure, it will take some hard work. Anything worth working for takes, WORK…and owning your own, successful long term business should be one of those goals that you have.

Reason #9: The MOST Cost Efficient Business Platform. No Upsells.

If you had the opportunity to create, own, manage and get full support for your business for just over $1 per day, would you?

Well that is the reality at Wealthy Affiliate.

The only worse thing than a half-baked product is realizing that you have to spend $100’s if not $1,000’s more to get the “meat” of the product. This is all too common these days in the internet marketing world, people are getting taken advantage of and you will never get a sense of this sort of behavior at Wealthy Affiliate.

It is $497 (just over $1 per day0 for an entire year Premium membership. That includes everything you need. The hosting. The websites. The personal mentoring. The endless amounts of training. Access to network with over a MILLION fellow affiliates/experts. Live weekly classes you can look forward to. Keyword tools.

Less than a buck per day, this is by far the most comprehensive and cost-efficient platform in the industry. In fact, once you have access to Wealthy Affiliate Premium there will never be a reason to purchase another silly e-book, attend another overpriced conference, or get sucked into another $1,000+ mentoring package against.

All you need in one spot and it only gets better with each day that passes. Here is a comparison chart of the memberships and what you get within the membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Levels

Reason #10: Completely FREE Starter Membership.

You have no reason not to join and try Wealthy Affiliate. Why you ask?

It’s completely free.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a completely free, no obligation Starter membership. There aren’t many products or services online that have enough confidence in their service that and they allow you to try it for free before you spend a dime. That is why Wealthy Affiliate is different and always keeping a step ahead of the competition.

You don’t like what you see, leave. Never come back and you have lost nothing.

If you like what you see and like the services, then you can stick around. You can spend as much time as a Starter member as you like, and if you ever feel you want more and that Wealthy Affiliate Premium is worth your $1 per day, then you can decide on that later.

I am a fan of companies that back their product. You can walk into an Apple store and try the latest iPhone or MacBook before you buy it. There are no secrets and you know what you are getting before you buy it.

The same at Wealthy Affiliate and the FREE Starter membership offers FAR more than any other PAID program in the industry.

Conclusion. Try it.  Make a Decision. (We Know You Will Love It)

I want you to be the judge. There are some very good “salespeople” out there and pages trying to convince you that you need to join something NOW or the world is going to fold in half and disappear.

That is not me. I simply want you to make a decision based on what you “feel” and follow your intuition. If you think Wealthy Affiliate would be a good fit for you based on what I said, try it out. If you are not sure, then why not try it out.

===>  Create Your Starter Wealthy Affiliate Account Now!

What do you have to lose? $0.

We actually would prefer that you join the Starter membership.  This way you can test the platform, use it, start building your business, and decide if it is for you before you have to spend a dime.

There is no other company in the industry that is offering “free” access, and there is a reason for this.  None can come close to the offering at Wealthy Affiliate, and that is something that you are going to quickly realize as you step into the community and start using the platform.

And don’t just take my word for it, see what others are saying about Wealthy Affiliate. 

If you do have ANY questions about Wealthy Affiliate, you want to chime in with your own experience you have had at WA, or you have any other questions related to affiliate/internet marketing, leave them below and we will be sure to help you out!

413 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? My 2023 Review.”

  1. Hi there,
    I was just wanting to know in all honesty, is the WA training updated frequently? Because I’ve found soo many affiliate marketing courses that are soo outdated and dont really reflect todays current online trends and needs.
    I’ve already spent over $9,000 on other affiliate marketing courses that have absolutely no mention or links or anything associated to instagram, tiktok etc which is quite bizaare to me & when trying out all there methods, realised that they may have worked maybe 6-7 years ago but not in todays day and age.

    • Yes, the training in Wealthy Affiliate is updated regularly and there is new training streaming into the platform every single day. There is no platform in the world that we have reviewed that has more up to date training because none exist like Wealthy Affiliate. You will not be disappointed if you join the program, quite the contrary, you’ll be blown away by how good it is. You also get far more than just training. The web hosting is an amazing addition to the membership, as is all of the help and support you get from the owners themselves. Kyle and Carson, along with 1000’s of senior members, it’s really quite incredible what they have built.

  2. I just joined last week because of your website and I promised myself to come back here and offer my personal review and opinion if I actually like and benefited from the service at Wealthy Affiliate…so here am I am.

    As someone without a lot of computer skills but a desire to succeed at something, I have always been a little reluctant to start something online. Something about WA told me that I had to give it a shot as it was free to try out… even though I lack computer skills I am not a dummy. ha

    So I took the leap, created a free account and jumped into the member’s are of the community.

    First Impression of WA was more than I thought. Upon joining, there is a live chat taking place between members and a full dashboard with lots of bells and whistles. This can be a little overwhelming at first, but the first lesson of the training gives you a walkthrough of the community. Upon watching that, I felt at home.

    The part I really liked was I could get help with anything in an instant. The chat always has smart brains in it that are willing to help you out. I asked a few questions early on about my niche (which is the direction of your business) and got some really insightful and helpful responses.

    The training is legit as well. I got my website up and running in my first day, using the training. Kyle one of the founders will walk you through the process in a very simple and easy to understand way. I mean if I can build a website, anyone can. I am 65 and a bit crusty when it comes to this computer stuff.

    I saw the value within the first 3 days, and I upgraded to Premium Plus+. From all the products I reviewed online, nothing came close to this offering in terms of price, quality, and just the level of red carpet treatment you get within WA and the community, it will keep you coming back.

    I don’t have any big financial success to report yet as it is my first week still, but I see people succeed around me within the community. There are lots of success stories and i have even had a chance to communicate with people earning 6-7 figures and they have been willing to help me so far.

    Anyways if you are reading this and thinking about joining, do it for yourself. There is zero risk with the free membership…and you too can enjoy an experience like I did. 10/10 rating from me, absolutely thrilled that I finally found a legitimate venture I can settle into.

    • Great to hear you made the leap, and you are loving it. Doesn’t surprise us, there is a reason they are the top rated platform in the industry and one in which anyone can try for 100% free before they invest in it. Appreciate you coming back and sharing your experiences James!

  3. I just joined Wealthy Affiliate as a result of this review, so I though I would come back and share my experience with others as I think it will be useful.

    I have been trying to get started online since early 2022. That has been quite the journey, and an expensive one. After getting sucked into 4 different programs and spending $1,000s on what I would find out later was useless information, I decided I was going to give up…but wanted to give it one more shot. This is when I found Wealthy Affiliate after a bunch of research.

    I can tell you that what I spent $1,000’s on with other programs, is less than 1% that you have access to within WA. The training is top notch, the tools are amazing and they just launched a new niche finder tool which has been an awesome addition, the include hosting/websites, and the mentorship and community is something that keeps me coming back every day.

    Since I am a Premium Plus+ member, I get training classes almost every day and I learn new skills every week. These are skills that I am already using to build out my business, and I am already indexed in Google and starting to get a bit of traffic, albeit just the start!

    The only drawback I would say is the fact that you have so many options, and there is so much available to you that it can be easy to get distracted..but this is also not a bad thing, because these are things that you will need at some point to scale your business.

    Anywho, loving the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It has been an absolute godsend after being run through the wringer by 4 different scams. If you are reading this and “not sure” like I was, take the leap. It doesn’t cost anything to try the Starter membership, but I know that you are going to be absolutely blown away by the level of service these guys offer.

    • So glad you are loving your experience within Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds like you have hit the ground running Jon and truly found a home within WA, and we certainly don’t blame you!

    • There are two available memberships, Premium or Premium Plus+. Premium is $49/mth, and Premium Plus+ is $99 per month. These are world class memberships, and included absoulutely everything you need to create and grow your business online under one roof…so no outside expenses or upsells.

      Also, one thing we really like about the membership upgrade process is that you will also get your own .com domain, these are typically things that you have to buy and you get up to two included in your membership when you upgrade. I hope this helps you out here!

  4. Hi
    I just asked a question about couldn’t find my website but tried a different log in and there they are. I must have had a different email in WA that I had forgotten about! So I will be trying to give it another shot after 8 years trying! Good luck!

  5. Hi! I have been on WA for 8 years now and got stuck a few years back. I just tried to go on to give it a go again but can’t find my websites to work on them. It says I need to upgrade to premium but I already was a premium member already with paying the $300 for a year last November on the Black Friday sale! Totally confused about what had happened with WA and probably will just not renew in November and move it to another platform that makes much more sense for me in what I haven’t been able to do on WA! So how do I access my websites without upgrading that I thought that I had already paid for a year back in November?
    Good luck on your journey with WA I did really think that it was a great idea and good investment 8 years ago but now realize it’s just not for me to do! Thanks!

  6. Do you think there is still opportunity within affiliate marketing? I am just worried that it might be too saturated to start a business now. I am hoping I am wrong, but would really like to hear your opinion about this.

    • Yes, absolutely. The trajectory of online spending continues to grow at the fastest pace ever and it is anticipated in the next few years that there is going to be over $7 trillion spent on the internet per annum. That is HUGE, and guess who reaps a great deal of the rewards of all online spend? Affiliate marketers. You can promote any product or service online, and earn affiliate commissions in the process. All major companies have affiliate programs, and the number of products you can promote has ballooned to over 600 million and this continues to grow.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the “de facto” platform for aspiring and very successful affiliate marketers, so if you are looking to learn affiliate marketing then you are going to be in good hands with WA. I highly recommend that you get rolling on the “test drive” starter membership, there is no cost and you will be up and running in the first few days with your very own business website.

  7. I was just about to join a program that cost $2,000 and am thankful that I came across your review. Before I join WA, I know there is no such thing as a free lunch. What are the actual costs to getting rolling within Wealthy Affiliate and are there hidden fees and charges that I should be worried about? -Bill

    • There are no hidden fees within Wealthy Affiliate, but can totally appreciate you asking. There are way too many programs online that are “low cost” to try, and then they hit you with a series of upsells. Before you know it, you are looking at $1,000’s to get the full product.

      Wealthy Affiliate has three memberships, two of which are paid and include everything you need to run a business.

      Starter – Completely free
      Premium – $19 first month, the $49 per month.
      Premium Plus+ – $49 first month, then $99 per month.

      We always recommend that you “try” before you have to spend a penny, so get access through the Starter membership and see if WA is for you before you make any decision and outlay your money. Wealthy Affiliate is the only company in the industry that offers a completely free trial of their services, and that should say a lot.

      PS. And don’t spend $2,000, that almost certainly sounds like you are being taken advantage of by one of the many scams out there.

  8. I have been trying a bunch stuff and it just hasn’t worked out for me. I just lost over $10,000 to my FBA attempt. Between the coaching, courses, and me trying to get this business rolling it felt like it was all done in vain.

    I also tried all sorts of other stuff, from surveys to little paid schemes but I won’t get into that haha.

    I want to honestly ask you if you think Wealthy Affiliate will be the solution if I am hard working and looking to create an actual income. I am feeling at the end of the road in my search and just need a bit of direction and I will be able to get this. Thanks.

    • Unfortunately the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) approach to business is a failed business model these days. Too many people are pushing others into this through their high ticket programs, but at the end of the day you need a HUGE budget to get your own product off the ground, you have to spend a great deal of time deciding on what sort of products you are going to sell within the over-crowded Amazon market, and then you have to figure out how to sell the product. You are building it before they come, and without having the marketing knowledge or reach, you are going to be faced with $10,000’s of spend in ads.

      So this is a bit of a backwards approach to building a business…and I think this is probably resonating with you as to being the case after your failed attempt.

      Not to worry, there is hope. I think that is what you are after here. Wealthy Affiliate will be a solution that you are going to be able to leverage to learn the proper strategies and techniques to build a business online, right form the ground up. It starts with a website, then a focus on building an audience, then as you help people through content you create on your website, you can sell products/services through affiliate marketing (and there are 100’s of millions of them). Get reach, then sell. Not the other way around.

      I would recommend that before you invest another penny online, you get yourself a free account at Wealthy Affiliate. There is no risk, and you can access the community, narrow down your niche, build a website, access the tools you need…and even contact the owners within the free Starter side of the membership. Your confidence in the industry and yourself will be renewed very quickly within WA.

      Of course, if you have any further questions Sherri-Lynn, please feel free to leave them and we will be happy to help you out!

    • Wealthy Affiliate is the answer when you are starting out a business online. They are providing you with the most basic fundamentals when you are starting out in the online world, and then move you towards more advanced strategies. I am enjoying myself, thanks.

      • Yes, the “core” training at Wealthy Affiliate is going to walk you through the fundamental right from the overall “concept” stage of your business. This is key as you need to fully understand the proper process if you want to create a successful business online. By lesson 2 of the training, you will fully understand the online business model and then by lesson 4 of the training, you will be off and running with your own niche website. You move along quickly, and then from there you will be building out your website in a way that is focused on long-term and authoritative success within your niche.

        Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences William.

    • Sure, you absolutely can. You can promote whatever you like on your website, you as the website owner is in full control. Amazon has a vast affiliate program known as their associates program, and when you send people through your affiliate links you earn anywhere from 1% – 20% depending on what sort of products you are sending people too. Homedepot, same thing. All major companies, and even the most obscure “niche” companies out there have affiliate programs. It is the way most companies are leveraging the internet these days to get reach to their businesses.

      You are going to learn all about this at Wealthy Affiliate, the first focus is going to be narrowing down your niche. This is the audience that you are going to be helping, and working with…and it can be something that is driven based on a passion or interest, or simply something that you want to learn.

      Hope this helps you here Golden!

  9. What would you say is better about Wealthy Affiliate than other programs that are out there? I have been looking to start a business online but there is just so much crap out there. I have a tough time determining what is the good from the bad. To say the least, I am confused after 2 full weeks of research but I am ready to jump into something. I am hoping this program is it.

    • Well the first thing is that you have access to a completely free Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate. We encourage you to join that, as that will give you hands on experience as to what is offered within the platform and community. No other company offers this level of access for free in the industry, so that alone should be very telling.

      This way you can assess it first hand and decide whether or not it is for you. You will be building your business right from the moment you set foot within WA, by lesson 3 you will have chosen your niche and comprehend the business model. By lesson 4 you will be up and running with your website and business.

      Not to mention the fact that you will have support and mentorship every step of the way. This is all without spending a penny. So I encourage you to set up your free Starter account and get rolling from there.

  10. I have had some very bad experiences. I find NO email address for wealthy affilate nor any possibilty for a phone. I have some simple legitimate questions…maybe yo can clear this up for me? thanks

  11. I have been searching for a program that fits my wants and needs. I am a personal trainer and I have a successful practice but I am limited in terms of how much I can grow by my physical location, and my hours in the day.

    Is there any way you could see me using Wealthy Affiliate to build an online business and to create more scalable income? Would love a response.

    • Great question Scottie. I can appreciate the limits of “time” and opportunity within the offline business world, and that is one of the reasons I was driven into the online world. You most certainly can build a scalable business, with no upper limit online…and you can do so within any niche. There are close to 5 billion people online now, and that is your potential audience.

      If you wanted to head in a personal training/health related niche you absolutely can as well…there are billions of people online that could use your help, use your insights, and your recommendations. And then on the promotion side of things, there are going to be 10,000’s of products/services that you can promote to this audience, you could eventually even promote your OWN products. Cross that bridge when you get there.

      I highly recommend you get rolling with Wealthy Affiliate. You can have your own website up and running in the first few lessons and from there you will be off and running.

      If you have any follow-up questions about WA, or running your own online business please do let me know.

  12. I have been trying to create success for some time, and I have yet to even get a proper website up and running until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. If you are in the same boat as I was, I highly suggest you jump in head first. Thanks for this review, it is what lead me to WA and actually creating my first real business online. I owe you!

  13. I joined WA last week, and am up and running with my own website. My business is rolling along nicely so far! Impressed to say the least, and I have had a ton of support as you mentioned.

    Anyone on the fence, check out their Starter membership. It doesn’t cost a thing and to be frank, it is better than any other paid program I have tried.

    • Nice work Serena, sounds like you are moving forward with your website. That is an exciting starting point of your business. Just think, ALL highly successful affiliate sites that you see online and successful companies started in your exact position.

      If you ever get a chance in the future, we would love you to pop back in and offer us an update on your progress.

  14. I have heard really good things about the MasterClasses at wealthy affiliate. How often do these take place and are they included in the membership, or are there additional costs to these classes? Of course I get that there is a good deal of value outside of these classes but it would be the cherry on top of they were included. Please explain.

    • The Live Classes take place throughout the week, every week. As a Premium member, you have access to a minimum of 52+ classes per year, every Friday night is the main one but there are additional classes on top of this run throughout the year. For Premium Plus+, you usually get 4-5 expert classes per week, on top of the Premium Classes. Not to mention 100’s of hours of pure value based classes in the repository, that you can watch as you wish.

      We hope this clarifies for you here Jon.

  15. Hi Guys

    I’m trying to find a link to Cody’s website

    Cody, an affiliate marketer, is a big fan of yours

    Can you please send me his link

  16. I first joined Wealthy Affiliate Starter to “check it out”, nothing more than that. I am frankly tired of this entire industry after spinning my proverbial wheels for many years without much success at all. I have also spent a great deal of money.

    Without a shadow of a lie, I can say that the completely free starter account was better than anything I had ever paid for. I was able to get help from experts and the owners, I was able to ask questions freely without feeling stupid, I was able to build professional websites, get found by Google in my first week, and use an abundance of efficiency tools to build my business. The training is second to none as well, it is current and interactive and they have 100’s of classes that have been recorded in the last year alone.

    I am now a happy Premium Plus+ member. I feel I have invest in myself, and my future online. I will continue doing so as long as Wealthy Affiliate exists. There is no better platform I have found, and the price is right.

    • That is great Browyn and the same thing you did, is what we recommend (by starting out joining for completely free). If a company cannot offer a free look at their service and put their best foot forward, they shouldn’t be operating within the online world these days. There isn’t another company in the “make money” industry that we are aware of that offers a free trial of their platform, and one with such robust resources that Wealthy Affiliate provides to their members within the Starter membership.

      The Premium Plus+ is also an amazing option. For $99/mth you get over 4 hour long expert classes per week, 100’s of past classes, Jaaxy Enterprise, hosting for up to 50 websites, and unlimited access to all the other training, tools, support, mentorship, and platforms available within WA!

      Wishing you ongoing growth and success as you move forward!

  17. I have been a member for the past 6 years, and I have taken my business from nothing, to a stable full time income. During the pandemic, which has generally speaking been bad for businesses, I have seen some good growth in my business which is definitely a good sign more people are moving their spending to the online world.

    I owe a great deal of success to Wealthy Affiliate. Of course I had to work hard to get where I am, but I learned everything I need to know to build a business and I have a team of experts I can rely on within WA to help me when I need it. I still don’t know everything, but that is OK. That gives me room to grow.

    If you are even remotely considering of starting a business online (Even with zero experience) I highly recommend you get an account at WA. You won’t regret it.

    • That is great to hear about the growth in your business, despite the pandemic. In all reality, spending online has increased during these crazy times which continues to represent more and more opportunity for affiliate marketers.

      And yes, anyone looking to get started can join WA for no cost and get rolling within the Starter membership. By lesson 4 you will have their very own niche website up and running online, and 10 lessons in have a really good handle of the direction of your long term, and sustainable business online.

  18. Hello I have one question. How much time per day can I expect to work on this. I’m not lazy I just have two jobs now my dream is to make enough money with only doing one job and have a life

    • Good question. The time you invest into your business, is what you get out of your business. You can absolutely start out as part time, but don’t expect a full time income until you invest full time hours into your business.

      In saying this, an online business operates much like a snowball. As you press forward with your business, you accumulate traction and your business grows. It can grow to the point of 6-7 figures, and once you reach that point, it isn’t any more work to manage and grow your business, than it was when you were first starting out. That is how business works, the time and energy you invest now tends to pay off later…and often times forever.

  19. I just signed up through the Black Friday offer as a Premium Plus+ member, incredible value. I have attended the last 5 expert classes and those along are worth more than the value of my entire $795 I just spent on the yearly membership through the Black Friday discount.

    Awesome stuff, can’t say enough good things about Kyle, Carson, Jay and the entire team at WA

    • Awesome Jonathan, thanks for sharing your experience and yes, the Black Friday discount this year is a good one. With the Premium Plus+ you are also getting 2 free domains, $100 worth of community credits, the Black Friday bonuses and of course all the perks of getting the Premium Plus+ bundle.

      Wishing you a successful 2020 ahead!

  20. I saw somewhere that I can get my membership for 19.00 per month.
    Can you please email me to tell me where I can sign up for the membership at $19 per month please
    Thank you
    Cynthia Clark

    • Yes, you can get the first month of Premium for $19. If you register as a free starter member, you will be able to access this offer.

      ==> Create Your Starter Account Here

      Upon doing this, you will be taken into the back office of Wealthy Affiliate and you will have the discounted first month of Premium or Premium Plus+ available to you.

      Hope this helps you out here Cynthia, and if you have any further questions just holler.

  21. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for the last 6 years and I am currently running 3 websites that yield over 1,800 uniques per day (total). This review is spot on, the one thing I will say is that if you are not wiling to punch the clock every day with your business you should not expect income. WA has taught me that the rewards in business are the results of my effort that I put into my business. If you come into this business and into WA with that mindset, then you can achieve the same sort of success I have or even more. If you think that you don’t have to do any work and can get instant riches, I recommend you move on and start buying lotto tickets.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and I can honestly say being a part of the community and getting to work directly with Kyle, Carson, Jay …and many others has been critical to my business growth and my sanity (when I hit a situation where I feel stuck).

    My next goal is 100,000 uniques visitors to my network of websites per month and I am hoping to hit that at some point in early 2021. Wish me luck lol .

    • Love your ambitious goals Jeffrey. 1,800 uniques per day is nothing to laugh at, that is something that you should be proud of accomplishing. Broken down, if you were to pay for this sort of traffic in Google Ads you would be looking minimum of $900 per day, likely much closer to $2,000. That is $60,000 worth of traffic coming to your website EVERY day!

      Wishing you success as you move forward into 2021 and you probably don’t need any luck at all to reach your 100k/mth traffic goals. It sounds like you have a good game plan to scale and grow your traffic!

      Thanks for sharing your successes and your experiences with Wealthy Affiliate!

  22. I have been struggling online, I just lost my job, and I am getting fed up with being dealt the same deck of crap cards each time I buy a program.

    I am interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate I just want to make sure it isn’t riddled with all sorts of upsells. I recently joined ClickFunnels through one of their reps and I was thrown into a spin cycle of expensive purchases after the fact.

    I want to join something and be clear of what I am getting and the costs associated with what I am buying in advance. No surprises. I know WA is free for their starter membership, but how much can I expect to need to budget for being a member and using their business strategies.

    • We can totally appreciate your concerns here Oren. Most programs in the opportunity industry have endless upsells and unfortunately this is the way of doing business that is being taught out there. You buy a program for $50, then are hit with a $500 upsell for an add on, then $1,000 for another one, and then offered a $5,000 product after that…and on and on.

      Wealthy Affiliate is NOT like this. They are completely up front with the costs of their Premium membership and everything is included in the cost of the premium upgrade. You can get a full breakdown here:

      And you can also try before you buy. That is something that we see very rarely, if ever in this industry. That is because most companies in the make money or affiliate marketing industry HIDE behind their product behind sleezy sales pitches. The reason is that they are more often than not selling a dream, not actually a quality product.

      As a rule of thumb, if you are going to start a business online and looking for a service/company to help you with that, don’t trust them if they cannot offer you a look at their product/service before you have to invest in it. That is why Wealthy Affiliate is so highly regarded and recommended, because you can get rolling online for completely free Starter membership. If you want to get rolling online, start out with that.

  23. What if I have no idea where to start? I have a bunch of ideas in my head of things that I want to do, I just don’t know how this would apply to Wealthy Affiliate or how they would help me out. Let’s say I wanted to start a business that is directed at one of my main interests, learning languages. How would that work and look like?

    I am definitely interested and have read nothing but great things about this company, I just don’t know where to start or how it works.

    • Sure, happy to help. Let’s take your languages niche as an example. A successful business online follows this process:

      (1) Choose and refine a niche
      (2) Build a niche website
      (3) Build out content, get get rankings and traffic
      (4) Monetize your traffic (through affiliate marketing, through ads, selling your own products, etc)

      So you have the first part down, “learning languages” would be your niche. This might be a little broad and initially you might want to focus on helping people learn ONE language. You can always diversify and get in other languages down the road. We need to remember that there are close to 5 billion people online these days, so a narrowed down niche like “learn spanish” would still have an audience of potentially 100’s of millions of people. These are your potential customers.

      Then, you would take this idea, learning spanish and build out a website to help people learn it. Within WA, you have access to a website suite that includes 8 platforms to help you with your website creation/management. Building a website will literally take you 30 seconds. No joke.

      Then comes the content. There are likely 10,000’s of potential things that you can discuss and these will be revealed through keyword research. With Wealthy Affiliate you have access to an elite keyword research tool, Jaaxy, where you will be able to find low competition keywords that you can write about and rank in Google and other search engines with. It is important to understand the competition metrics, and education on keyword research that you will be getting along side access to Jaaxy, you will be well equipped to “write to rank”. There are also lots of Search Engine Optimization specialists within WA if you ever need a hand.

      Then, once you start establishing your website, you will be integrating ways in which you can “make money” from your website, this can be affiliate marketing initially and I recommend that as it is a high yield way to generate revenue. There are going to be 1,000’s of potential products that you can promote in this niche. From learning sites like Udemy, or Lynda, to digital training courses like Rocket Spanish that cost $100, and pay you 50% commissions so you would earn $50 per sale. So these add up very quickly. Wealthy Affiliate has an Affiliate Programs search that will help you search and find relevant affiliate programs from a database of over 10,000 programs, and 100,000,000’s of products. 😉

      Through time you can promote many products/services on your website without having to inventory any of them through affiliate marketing. It is a brilliant model and has no overhead. And this is only one of the many ways you can monetize your website as you build it out and start to get traffic, and those are all things that are going to be taught within the robust training at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Sorry, wasn’t so brief with the response here, but we hope this offers you some clarity on the process and how you can take a product, and build a business.

  24. I have a quick question. If I join Wealthy Affiliate, how long is it going to take me to earn money online? I have been trying to build a business online for many years now and I am to the point where I am ready to throw in the towel. The last thing I feel like doing is giving up, but I am at my wits end.

    What do you suggest? I am frustrated, but not completely out of the game!

    • Good question Jackie, we are happy to help you out here. When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to be learning how to properly build an online business and to do so within any niche. As this is ANY business, you get out of it the effort that you put into it. Everything else is offered to you within WA to help you create, grow and manage your business online.

      A successful online business requires that you have a website, high quality hosting, research tools, a current education, and access to expert support. That is exactly what you are going to get at WA.

      My recommendation is that you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member. There is no obligation, no cost, and no risk. You are going to get well acquainted with the proper process of building a business in the early stages of the training, and by lesson 4 you are going to have your very own niche website up. Not to mention that you will have a community of help available 24/7 as you move forward…so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

      From there, you can decide on whether the Premium membership is suitable for you. But you should first establish your trust with the platform, and the process itself. Your frustrating run will end if you join WA, we can assure you of that.

  25. Quick questions. What is the difference between what Wealthy Affiliate offers and ClickFunnels. I have a friend that has been trying to get me to join Click Funnels through them but I can’t afford it so just wondering if I actually need it to build a business. What do you recommend I do?

    • Wealthy Affiliate is an all inclusive platform that you can leverage to build and maintain a business (or several) online. It includes absolutely everything you need, from the education, to the tools, the websites/hosting, expert help, and networking with over 2.2+ million aspiring and successful entrepreneurs. If you want to properly build a business and have a sound foundation to operate your business, Wealthy Affiliate is your best choice. It is absolutely free to get rolling with a Starter account, and the premium membership if you decide to go that route is $49 per month.

      You are going to learn how to build a business, right from the ground up and by lesson 4 you are going to have your own niche website up and running. The fundamental process taught in the early stages is going to show you how to get your website ranked in Google, and start getting traffic for no additional costs (the process of search engine optimization). As you continue through the training, you will be learning about other traffic methods including social media marketing, pay per click marketing, youtube/video marketing, along with email marketing.

      Clickfunnels is software to help you with email marketing campaigns. Some say it is overpriced, and there are many upsells which can lead to a lot more expense. The cost is $97 to $297 per month for access to their software, with upsells for training and to attend conferences. This does not include an autoresponder, that is an additional cost on top of this. There are much more cost efficient options if you want to get email marketing software, you should consider GetResponse which includes lead pages, as well as email management starting at $15 per month. Aweber is another option, and will cost you around the same and it also offers email management as well as the ability to build creatives for capturing leads.

      Then to build an email list, you will need a source of quality traffic. You will need a budget to pay for traffic, as you cannot “rank” in Google with a lead page. So I would recommend having at least $1,000 to test (risk) with ads in Facebook, Google, or Bing.

      We hope this offers clarity for you here, if you have any further follow up questions please feel to leave them here.

        • No, there are no additional expenses outside potentially the membership (if you upgrade) and a domain name if you want a domain asset of your own…and those are around $15 per year. Wealthy Affiliate is an all inclusive training platform, but you also get all the technology and research platforms that you need to manage a business of any size online. The strategies taught initially are ones that can be implemented with ZERO cost, and can drive millions of unique visitors to your website (without spending mooney on ads).

          Unlike the “funnel” type programs that you see pushed online so frequently these days that require $1,000’s in budget for ads to even think of getting a business like that offer the ground, Wealthy Affiliate offers a bootstrap approach and a proven approach that has worked for the last 15 years and will work for the next 15.

  26. I’ve only just discovered WA and loving it so far. I’ve not found my niche yet and to be fair not had enough time to do the training. But I will! I think my biggest issue to get my head around at the moment is the niche. I have ideas but I can’t imagine what a website looks like and operates. Are there any example websites I can take a look at anywhere? Keen to see them to truly get it! Thx

    • We assume by the time you read this response, you have already decided your niche. A niche is simply an audience, or the “topic” of your business. The great part about start a business online is that you can head in absolutely any direction that you want. What are you passionate about? What are some hobbies that you have? Those are good starting points for a niche.

      If you do a search in Google, for any keyword, there is a good chance that many of those top websites within the first few pages are affiliate marketing based websites. Those are examples of sites that you are going to be able to build within WA and by lesson 4 you are going to have your very own niche website up and running.

      What we recommend doing if you are feeling stuck with your niche or want help refining it after you have some more confirmed ideas, is ask the community for help or you can reach Kyle or Carson (the founders) directly from within WA. That is your best bet, they will get you moving in the right direction.

    • Hi, you build your website as you go. You build it with WordPress and you decide what you want and how you want your website to look like. There are 1000’s of pictures on there you can use.

      • Yes, that is definitely the case. You have full flexibility with the websites that you build at Wealthy Affiliate. There are 1,000’s of potential website templates (called “themes” in wordpress), over 60,000 feature extensions (called “plugins) and the flexibility to customize any aspect of your website and of course add any content you like.

        There are also several additional website features that are “WA only”, that are exclusive to members of WA. These include SiteSpeed, SiteSecure, SiteComments, SiteFeedback, and SiteEmail. These are platform that will help you manage your online business more efficient, operate higher ranking and faster websites, and do so in a more secure manner.

        Within the SiteContent editor at Wealthy Affiliate, you have full uninhibited access to over 1,000,000 high definition images that you can use in any way on your website…even for commercial purposes.

        You want a high performing website, Wealthy Affiliate’s website/hosting platform along with the additional tools has you full covered.

  27. Great review about Affiliate Marketing. What an amazing feeling is to know that you get support and able to network with others on this program. Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for those who are serious about online business. Continue success!

    • Very much the case within Wealthy Affiliate. One of the key, but more subtle benefits, is the community within Wealthy Affiliate. You have access to experts 24/7 if you ever need help as you are moving through the build out process of your business or if you have any questions pertaining to your activities. Something that is difficult to find these days, in particular the nature of the help (which is always kind, and promotion free).

      Affiliate marketing is only continue to grow and as more and more people are moving the bulk of their spending online during the pandemic, the we believe affiliate marketing industry will see it’s biggest growth ever in the years ahead!

  28. Pls reply. I am a semi-retired part time pastor. I want to make money for the Lord and my family. Pls no offense. I don’t understand. How is affiliate marketing better than an e store with Shopify and Oberlo. How is it better than mlm. Or David Nubar ‘s material. ?

    Pls explain. I am at a loss. Thank you

    • Sure, happy to help you out here Richard.

      Affiliate marketing is a revenue model where you can promote pretty much any companies products/services online, without having to own the product, have inventory, or deal with any aspect of the customer relationship. You simply join their affiliate program, and by doing so you are able to promote their products in exchange for a commission. These range from 1% – 75%, depending on the program. There are over 550 MILLION products/services that you can promote as an affiliate marketer, so the potential is MASSIVE.

      Just as an example, if you join Amazon’s associate program (their affiliate program), you can earn money by sending people to Amazon’s website through your affiliate links. They have 100’s of millions of products, and you earn anywhere from 3-6% typically on the total order. So if someone went through your link and bought a pair of socks ($10), a fridge ($1000), and a pair of sneakers ($90), the total order would be $1,100 and you would get $33-$66 on that depending on the commission rate. This is what will teach you.

      E-commerce and using Shopify to create an store is much different. You have to first pay for your store which will run you several $100’s per month, you have pay for traffic (which can cost $1,000’s), you have to have inventory and you have to deal with all the transactional side of the product, the support, and managing returns/refunds. So it is a much more cumbersome business model.

      MLM is multi-level marketing. That is a business model that companies like Amway, Herbalife and many “banned” companies used. These have multiple levels and usually require you to recruit others into the scheme, and then get them to recruit others into the scheme in order to generate revenue. That is much different than both affiliate marketing and ecommerce.

      Hope this helps you out here!

  29. I have been reading review after review about Wealthy Affiliate and want to thank you for shedding some insight on the platform at WA. I am looking for current training that actually will lead me to building a business online and it appears that Wealthy Affiliate is everything I have been looking for.

    Just a quick Q.

    ** Do you feel that the training at Wealthy Affiliate is progressive and current? **

    I just want to make sure I am involved in a company that is staying ahead of the game. All the tools, website stuff, etc sound great, I just read a few complaints about some aspects of the training at Wealthy Affiliate being dated at times or at very least appearing that way. Can you answer me.


    • Good question Oscar and we are more than happy to help shed some light on the training that you have access to within Wealthy Affiliate, both on a Starter level, as well as Premium.

      Starter Membership – FREE

      The Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate is going to introduce you to key concept of building a business online and get you taking action. You have access to both of the core training runs, Online Entrepreneur Certification (you choose your niche), or the Affiliate Bootcamp (the make money niche). You have access to the first 10 lessons of each of those course as a Starter member.

      IN addition to this, you will have access to 1,000’s of value based blog posts, and 100’s of other training modules as a Starter member. It is geared towards getting you rolling within the online world, and if/when you are ready to commit to a Premium membership you will unlock way more training, and way more access to business building tools.

      The training is completely current, and both core courses that you have access to have been updated for 2020 and are completely relevant. There is new training launched weekly that is available to starter members.

      Premium Membership – $49 per month, or $495 per year

      The premium membership includes full access to both the Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 lessons) and the Affiliate Bootcamp (70 lessons). These courses are both updated regularly, just as an example, Level 4 of the OEC training was updated this week! So yes, the training is current and updated, but as with any platform with 1,000’s of training modules you will find that some training gets outdated at time and needs to be either purged or refreshed. Wealthy Affiliate is constantly doing this.

      Also, in terms of current training there are Live Classes that are every Friday night. These are on a new and very current topic each and every week, and are pure value based (ie, there are no promotions are upsells within any training offered at WA). So each week, you will be able to advance your knowledge with expert live classes that take place. Additionally, you will have access to over 400 hours of class training from past live classes.


      I hope this has given you some perspective here on the training. Sometimes training does get outdated, but with the weekly and regular training updates you get within Wealthy Affiliate alongside classes that also take place weekly, you have an industry leading education platform at WA that you can lean on to consistently advance your skill set.

      If you have any further questions about the training element of WA, let us know.

  30. I have been fumbling my way through this internet thing for too long, so I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate as per your recommendation. Thank you. I can say that I am more than warmly surprised as to the amount of expertise within the community and their willingness to help. After being absorbing information for this stuff for the last 5 years I don’t feel I am a newbie, but I do feel as though I can learn a lot from WA, the training, and the people within the community.

    One question I have though is whether or not it is really the owners that are communicating within WA. I see them all the time, but find it is hard to believe it is them actually helping people (even though it says their name)?

    You don’t have to answer that, but I just wanted to say that I am loving my experience within WA!

    • Hey Rich, so glad you are enjoying your experience at Wealthy Affiliate and thanks for leaving a comment here. In response to your question (which we will answer lol) about having direct access to the founders at Wealthy Affiliate, you most certainly do. You can reach out to Kyle/Carson directly as a Starter member even, something that very few companies I have seen offer and certainly a level of support that you won’t find anywhere else in the affiliate marketing industry.

      It sounds like you haven’t quite had the “right” experience yet and have run into the myriad of low quality products and scams that exist out there. We know you have found quality and found a home now that you have found WA!

  31. Hi ! I joined WA April 2020, I joined free , then upgraded within 2 weeks, I ended here because I am a newbie and have been stuck within building my website. I’m overthinking and honestly have had the shiny object syndrome and thinking I just wanted to quit WA !! I have been reviewing other companies and there offers, wow!! Up sell, Upsell. I have been searching the internet for reviews and answers about WA and have not found anything but praise and consideration for this Platform !! I think I will stay !!
    I will say the community is very helpful and Kyle is a very down to earth person. I feel hopeful again, your blog has been so helpful , you answered a lot of my questions ! So, I am happy to revile, I found my answer. WA is very affordable, I get overwhelmed because I think I need to be successful within a month. It doesn’t work that way. It is a process, stay consistent, ask questions, engage w other’s and do like I did, I landed here and got answers. I did also learn that the website I’m building was generated when I was a free starter, so it isn’t a, so, I’m hopping over to WA and getting back to work. Thanks again

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Cinda. Like many, you have been caught by the SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) but we think that now that you have found WA, you will not be subject to this again. Everything that you need to create your business is within Wealthy Affiliate, no constant upsells, no shameless marketing.

      Enjoy your experience and of course pop back here if you are ever needing anything at all.

  32. What is the difference between Wealthy Affiliate and Shopify? I want to create a business online but I don’t have any products to sell and I don’t know where to start.

    • Shopify is a proprietary ecommerce platform that you can use to sell your products online, or in some cases, people are using the shopify platform to drop ship products. Basically what this means is they are accepting payment for inventory they don’t have, they simply forward the orders and shipping information to the companies that warehouse and ship products.

      At Wealthy Affiliate, there are many shopify owners that are leveraging the platform to learn how to properly market their stores and how to get reach within the online world. Without people coming to your website, you don’t have revenue.

      If you don’t have any products to sell, which it sounds like you don’t, then Shopify certainly should not be an option. It is geared more towards mom and pop shops and product creators that are looking to sell their products online. If you don’t have products, that is fine though. There are over 550 MILLION products and services that you can promote as an affiliate marketer. Brands like Nike, Amazon, Etsy, HP, etc…all have affiliate programs that allow you to promote their products in exchange for a commission. The business model is incredible, and the number of products and ease in which you can promote products as an affiliate marketer is only improving.

      Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with the interface that will help you create and grow your business in ANY niche, without any pre-requisite experience. You have the websites, the hosting, the tools, the training, the support and the networking capabilities within the platform and there are something like 2 million+ members within WA now that you can hang out with, and get expert help from.

      We encourage you to get a free Starter account at Wealthy Affiliate to check it out, within just the first 4 lessons you are going to have your very own niche website up and running online.

      Hope you aren’t overwhelmed by the details here lol, but if you have any further questions feel free to reply.

  33. Does Wealthy Affiliate teach SEO? I am looking to improve my SEO game as it is something that I have had a tough time with for the past few years and I just can’t seem to win with all of Googles rankings updates. What do you suggest?

    • Yes, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know about search engine marketing, and SEO. They are on top of their game when it comes to things like Google Core and keeping up to date with the training on these topics. There are also weekly live classes that you can take part in (that are pure value classes), where you will be walked through new topics each and every week with lots of these covering the latest within the SEO world.

      Google rankings can be a tricky thing these days if you are following the wrong information. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and a lot of OUTDATED information. If you don’t keep up to date and on the edge of all of the latest search trends, then you can fall behind quickly. Wealthy Affiliate will keep you more than ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition within the SEO world.

      Hope this helps you out Danny!

      • Haha, yes. In fact the internet business world works brilliantly for introverts. You don’t have to directly communicate with people, no cold calling, etc. Some of the most successful people we have worked with over the years have been introverts.

  34. Hey, are there other fees or costs for materials or trainings once I start? I tried Legendary Marketer and quickly realized that it was filled with generalized fluff and more expensive offers once you completed the 15 day training. What makes you different from Legendary Marketer? I am interested in learning and taking action and not have to go broke tryign to achieve the unattainable. Is this the right place for those of us who want to learn to be successful in marketing online? If so, why Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Wealthy Affiliate is certainly NOT an “upsell” or high ticket scheme like many companies are operating out there.

      There are two memberships at WA. Let me explain those options.

      Starter Membership. This is completely free (no credit card required) and will offer you a good introduction to Wealthy Affiliate, the platform, the training, the expert support, the website tools, research tools, etc. It is quite comprehensive and within the first 4 lessons alone you will have your very own niche website up and running online.

      Premium Membership. This includes the proverbial “key” to the community, you have full access to all the tools, websites, hosting, services, expert support, training, and weekly live classes. This is adequate for creating, growing, and managing multiple successful businesses online and can grow with you as you continue to evolve within the online world. It is also going to be provide you with ongoing education as there is new content being added weekly that is going to keep you ahead of the curve.

      The cost of this is $49 per month, or $359 per year (which is an option after you initially go Premium). The only other potential cost could be that of a domain name if you want your very own .com/.net/.org/etc, and these will run you around $14 per year. Other than that, it is all inclusive and there aren’t any “surprise” costs, expensive coaching programs, subsequent “levels”, etc.

      If you have any further questions about any of this, please do let us know.

  35. I am interested in your company, but I do have some question. The website I am creating will be mine or is the company’s. Is the membership can be canceled anytime or is limitations. I just want to make sure I have my ducks in the row before I start something.

    • There are two types of websites that you can build within WA. As a Starter member, you are going to be able to build a website on a domain. This is not a domain that you actually own (just like a free weebly site), but it is a website that you are in full control of content wise.

      You can also build websites on your OWN domain within the Premium membership, up to 10. These are domains that you would own, are in full control of, and could sell at a certain point. You can easily move any websites over to your own domains within the Premium membership.

      And yes, you are in full control of your account. There are not contracts, and if you ever needed to cancel you would be able to do so.

  36. Hey my name is chris, I recently found wealthy affiliates online, after building out a niche website on wix and not paying for hosting yet. I wanted to try out a wordpress style site first to get a comparison. As a free member I have to say I do enjoy the community chat and have conversed with quite a few people on there. Just the tips I have received in that chat alone is enough to make me consider signing up for the premium membership so I don’t loose the chat lol.

    I have yet to receive a single comment blowing me off and telling me to sign up for premium to get the answer. One thing I was trying to do was start my online business with absolutely no money from my pocket. Several of the users gave me tips such as swag bucks, crowd flower etc to make the small amounts needed to pay for the membership. Thinking they were kidding I decided to try it out it was annoying but I was able to make enough from Swagbucks in 3 days (total of about 7 hours) to get a paypal $25.00 card and subscribe for my first months training,

    Obviously I could have made much better progress just paying for the membership out of money from my pocket, but again my goal was to do it completely free. I like the fact that they were willing to provide me some suggestions to do so.

    Also I was able to confirm that even with the free site on their hosting domain you can rank with google as a free member. The biggest issue is getting SEO correct. I was able to get tips from quite a few members in the free chat to manage to rank one of my pages as a free member in 4 days. That is what gave me enough motivation to go ahead and subscribe as a premium member.

    Anyway obviously I have no links here and will not be receiving a commission but I do feel like this program is worth the investment. Last thing keep in mind that the 25 domains on their package end in the if you want it to end in your own .com address then you will need to purchase domains either through them or another service and migrate it over. Though that’s not any different than the other hosting services. Wix for example was 23.00 a month for 1 site and a free domain, with the need to purchase additional domains and pay more for each site.

    At the least definitely jump over and try out the free starter membership if for no other reason than to get a feel of working on a wordpress site.

  37. I think I remember WA several years ago, it’s good to see that they are still around. But what monthly advertising expenses should I expect in order to make a decent side income, ($800-1000 per month) using WA? Thanks.

    • Hey Bryan,

      Your ad expenses will really depend on how you are going to attain traffic to your website. The core training at Wealthy Affiliate is going to initially teach you how to rank through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which for those that don’t completely understand is the process of building out your website in a way that leads to rankings in Google under specific keywords. This leads to FREE traffic (other than your time to create the content that ranks).

      There are members at Wealthy Affiliate getting upwards of 3,000-10,000 unique visitors to their website every day.

      If you are going to head in the Paid traffic direction through Google Ads or Facebook Ads, I would recommend at least $1,000 per month to start out, but I would also recommend being careful about blowing money too quick without first understanding your ROI (and how to convert your audience). All of this is covered within the training at Wealthy Affiliate in detail.

      Hope this clarifies for you here.

  38. I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for 6 months and though I don’t feel I have worked as hard as I should be (life getting in the way major time), I have learned WAY more within this service than I have within any other and I have spent $1,000s on various products online.

    I have two fully functional websites that are producing income. Not full time yet or anything but we are definitely heading in the right direction. I would recommend WA to everyone especially people that are driven and looking to create a legitimate business online.

    • Thanks for stopping by and offering your feedback. Like many people, you have started your business online when BUSY with life. Completely normal and fine, and as you dedicate more time and energy to your business you are going to see your business continue to grow. Congrats on your success thus far Rylan and wishing you nothing but further growth in 2020.

  39. I would like to say after reading all the material I’m still trying to figure out how you leave a question without signing up.
    I tried 3 different avenues with no success so far.
    I’m a bit skeptical of any company I can’t communicate with before I pay.

    • This isn’t the company, but you can reach Wealthy Affiliate through their contact page and the owners will typically respond to you within 24 hours.

      Alternatively, you can join the completely free starter membership, and then communicate directly within the community there. You have direct access to expert level marketers, including the ability to communicate with both of the founders (Kyle & Carson) within WA, even as a starter member.

      And if you have any questions about WA, you can also leave them here and I will be happy to help you out.

  40. I just joined a few days ago and I can tell this company is legit. The members in the community are amazing. They are helpful and say hi and congratulate you that is awesome. I’ve tried CB and after the training i’m just as confused as when I started. I haven’t heard from one member said they make 1000 a day instead is 600 to 3000 a month which is more believable. Believe me if I can make 3000 a month without having to drive to work and have time with the family I’ll take it!!

    • Thanks for your feedback Michael, and it is great to hear you are enjoying your experience.

      $3,000 per month is possible, and so is $3,000 per day. Anything is within the online world, the reality is that if you can achieve $100 per day, then moving to $1,000+ per day or beyond is just a matter of doing more of what you are already doing. With 4 billion (and change) people online these days, that is an incredible audience that you get to reach, and potentially sell products and services to.

  41. Ok,ok,ok. i once briefly took a peep at WA a few months ago out of curiosity. Honestly, I was a bit discouraged because the title designation “wealthy” Affiliate caused me to mistakenly lump this company with all these other online “get rich quick” schemes out there. You know the ones that promise you can make up to $1,000 dollars a day and such. I have come back because I want to establish an online website that can direct good people to services that can contribute to their life for the better. While at the same time, earning some income to compliment and help sustain me and my wife while we are into retirement. I am already retired. Have a lot of energy. Have some extra time on hand and would love to set this up as a source to direct people to some invaluable services that will benefit them for the better! So, this time I’m taking the plunge! Hello, Wealthy Affiliate. My name is Keith. Glad to meet you! Where do we get started?

    • Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate was a name that was chosen back in 2005 when the company was started. Unfortunately there are many “bad players” in the industry that have put a bad name behind the affiliate marketing space. In fact, most companies that say they are affiliate marketing are the furthest thing from it.

      The reality is, affiliate marketing is a business model and the one that is the primary focus within Wealthy Affiliate (but certainly not the only one). Every successful online retailer relies on affiliates to drive their business. You don’t have to look any further to Amazon and their affiliate program to realize this, the primary reason why they are the most successful retailer in the world.

      We know that you are going to love Wealthy Affiliate Keith. There isn’t a service that compares to it anywhere in the world, not just in the comprehensive nature of it, but also the pricing. If you are willing to put forth the effort and give yourself adequate time to achieve success, WA will provide you everything else you need to create, grow a manage a business of any level online.

      To get rolling, we highly recommend that you join the Starter plan (you can try before you buy). For more details head here:

      We hope this helps you out here!


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